The Heartfelt Comforts of Home

While I enjoy the beauty of gourmet cooking, there are times when all you want is the simple comfort of chicken soup. Such was the case this entire past week while I’ve been healing from surgery (hence my absence from the blogging world). My stepmom was a huge support, helping me get through the toughest stages of post-operative recovery (nearly 5 days). Her chicken broth was a lifesaver (as were Triscuits, but that’s beside the point). There are a number of ways to make stocks, but this Homemade Chicken Broth was the most delicious comfort I could ask for.
This broth is the perfect cure for days when the sun doesn’t seem quite as bright. All that’s needed is a whole chicken breast (skin-on and bone-in), a simple mirepoix (or combination of minced vegetables), and water – that’s it! It’s the perfect base for soups, sauces, casseroles, etc. In my lousy state, I enjoyed this broth as is with some crackers and vegetables on the side. Click HERE to see my stepmom’s perfect remedy for sick days.
To commemorate the simplicity of this broth, I wanted to choose a musical piece that evoked similar feelings of nostalgia. When I was younger and had trouble falling asleep, my parents would bring me a small wind-up toy with a melody to gently lull me to sleep: Beethoven’s “Für Elise.” One of Beethoven’s most famous works, the actual title of the piece is Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor for solo piano.* This work has been realized through countless transcriptions and has influenced a number of pieces, much like the varieties and styles this simple stock can assume. Given the work’s fame, I was only able to find a generic recording on YouTube (with no artist listed). While I imagine most everyone will recognize the theme, I’ve included it nonetheless – enjoy!

* “Für Elise.”

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