To Mom, with Love

My mom visited me this past weekend during “Phase 2” of my mending process. She helped me with daily chores and running errands, things I was extremely grateful for. Considering I was in a much better place than I was last weekend, I had the energy to make a “thank you” dinner. Wanting to make a meal that was simple yet meaningful, I decided to make a menu based on fresh ingredients and bright flavors. The result was delicious: Baked Haddock with Lemon-Caper Sauce and Sautéed Rainbow Chard.
Haddock isn’t a fish I’m too familiar with. Often tilapia or halibut are my white fish of choice. Yet this haddock was not only on sale, it was wild-caught. Though there are endless labels assigned to seafood, there is one that is extremely important to note: wild-caught will always have the upper hand to farm-raised (for now, at least). Farm-raised fish are exposed to a number of anitibiotics/pesticides, have lower levels of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, and are raised under conditions that can be detrimental to their surrounding ecosystem.* Hence my choice to stick with haddock. I made a simple lemon-caper sauce that I roughly adapted from – learn how to make this healthy, refreshing dish by clicking HERE.
While my mom was visiting, we discovered a hidden gem in my neighborhood – a local farmer’s market! Heirloom tomatoes bursting with color, fresh peppers with glossy skins, and more were on display. That’s where I discovered my side: rainbow chard. With jewel-toned stalks and vibrant leaves, this vegetable adds character to any meal. Simply sautéed, it’s delicious. Click HERE to learn how to make this simple yet gorgeous side dish!
For the musical pairing, I wanted a piece that showcased the depth and color of these two dishes. Somehow I was led back to a composer who is readily becoming a foodie’s best friend: Debussy. His gentle nuances and contrasting rich harmonies are the perfect pairing for a number of dishes. For this meal, I chose his orchestral piece Nocturnes. It consists of three movements: Nuages, Fêtes, and Sirènes. The first is a solemn homage to the sky, the second celebrates the dance-like quality of the cosmos, while the third heralds the endless rhythm of the sea.** While the three movements employ contrasting themes, their beauty and natural ambiance made for the perfect pairing. It’s also the perfect thank you to my mom 🙂 I’ve included a recording of the first movement (sadly, this video did not include the orchestra performing in the description). All three are uploaded through this author, so be sure to click through to the next two – enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “To Mom, with Love

  1. The food was wonderful… but sharing the weekend with you was even better. Thank you for the delightful meal and for Nocturnes: a lovely and luminous parting gift. Love, Mom

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