“Unsophisticated” Perfection

To answer the question you are all thinking, YES – these are as dangerous/delicious/diet-killing as they appear. Their inspiration was born out of frugality – it goes without saying that hosting parties can be a pricey investment, much more so when (like me) your idea of hosting involves the “wining and dining” appeal. While I crave the day that I can wow a crowd with canapes of steak tartar and grilled ahi tuna, I have to be realistic. The key to a great party is providing a memorable experience that doesn’t break the bank – a successful host is remembered for his/her creativity, and I feel that I happened upon a moment of creative genius with these Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Bites.
At the store, I was looking for fairly priced meat when I saw the price markdowns on Hebrew National’s “Family Packs”. I could hardly imagine using hot dogs in an “hors’doevure” setting, and kept walking down the aisle…but I kept thinking of creative ways I could use them, and the final clincher was bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon?.
Funny thing is that this recipe led to the discovery of my oven’s broiler…leave it to me to take three YEARS to realize that the broiler is underneath the main oven space. I wanted to do something as a sauce, and decided to give barbecue a try – herein lies the genius of this recipe. Everyone at the party raved over these, which just goes to show that it doesn’t take a fancy hors’doevure to please a crowd – click HERE to see the recipe for these irresistible bites!
These appetizers were phenomenal, and yet ridiculously easy – my concerns with serving these “unsophisticated” snacks were put to rest by my friends’ endless praises. There are times that simplicity can truly be beautiful. Take Erik Satie: a composer whose music, while ostensibly simple, led to a whole new era of composition, with composers such as Debussy and Poulenc among his greatest enthusiasts. Critics labeled his style as “unsophisticated” and “amateur,” yet its expressive insight was far more thought-provoking than that of his contemporaries. I chose his Gymnopédies for this pairing – though they may sound rudimentary, their harmonic and melodic framework was seen as an “eccentric” departure from the classical model. Dissonant chords set the underlying tone while the themes float carelessly above, imbuing the work with a melancholic ambiance. These pieces are the perfect pairing for a recipe that is so simple yet beautifully delicious – enjoy!

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